4 Recipes for the Perfect at-home Date Night

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For the past few years my husband has been out of town for Valentine’s Day or had to work late so dinner out to celebrate the holiday of love usually happens after February 14th.  Last year at the last minute he was able to be home but we had gone out the weekend before, so we got to celebrate together.

Instead of heading out to an over-priced pre-fixed menu dinner I opted to make a romantic meal at home, and this year I plan to do the same!

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Instead of trying to get a reservation or waiting 60-90 minutes for a table on Valentine’s Day you could re-create one of your favorite meals. It could be what your husband/wife loves or maybe a dish you had together on your honeymoon or another special occasion.

After years of planning and saving my husband and I recently spent 2 weeks in Paris, so this year I am going to cook a parisian influenced dinner.

The menu includes steak, with a delectable sauce, a white bean salad, roasted brussel sprouts and if I’m really feeling it I can’t have steak with our steak fries!

I made this steak au poivre recipe soon after we got back from Paris and the moment I tasted the sauce I felt like I was back at a French bistro.  The recipes calls for either wine or bourbon, I used wine, but I am a lover of bourbon so I am only assume it would be equally amazing.

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This warm tuscan white bean recipe isn’t the exact dish I make, but this sounds equally delish. If you have the cookbook “It’s All Good” try making the recipe “White Beans, French Style” on page 164, it is so dang good.

These brussel sprouts are always a hit in my house.  How could a recipe be bad if you are adding pancetta??

brussel sproutsimage credit

And finally if you really want to feel like you are at a parisian bistro you’ve got to serve fries with your steak, so simple yet oh so good!

As for drinks, I say you head to your nearest wine store and buy a bottle of Bourdeaux and really get that french vibe going.

Don’t worry about making dessert, head to a bakery or the trader joe’s freezer section and pick up some macarons.

p.s. if you want some good music to set the mood try the “La Mer” station on pandora!

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