4 Trends We Love for Spring

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Happy April! Spring is in full swing so we thought a post all about spring fashion was in order.  One of our project managers, Deidre is sharing her favorite styles for spring. 4 Trends We Love for Spring

Being a newly self-proclaimed fashionista I have to tell you, my favorite part of the changing seasons is the new trends that come with them. Let’s talk spring fashion trends. There are tons of different options this spring taking over the market from lip colors to fun prints. This season is taking trends to a WHOLE new level. And I cannot wait to fill my closet with some of the goods that go along with it. Here are the trends I am picking up on leading into the warmer months.

Suede. For some reason I am always drawn to suede. Maybe it is because when I was younger my mom told me to avoid it because it was never quite the same after it got wet? Or maybe it is because it bring a texture all it’s own to any ensemble. I love the chic-ness of it! And I am so happy to see suede making a huge comeback.

70’s. Let us all be clear that this decade is back in FULL swing. From wide leg pants to floral prints, it is all going to be showing up in every store. I am personally a huge fan of the fringe that comes with the 70’s era.


Military. This trend isn’t exactly new to this season. It seems to be carrying over from the fall and winter, but I don’t hate it! In fact, I love it. I am all for a military green jacket or vest. But I am loving seeing what all the brands are coming out with that are a little different. Here are a few of my top picks for the military trend.


Lip Colors. I am a lippie addict, so seeing the new colors come out is a highlight for me. This year it is all about warm colors. The nudes all have a peach or pink tint, the berry colors are all going towards reds and purples, and corals and peaches can be found on every shelf. And of course, there is the ever popular red that comes out with some spring friendly tones. I could talk lipstick for days, but I won’t bore you with that. Instead, I will let you love on all the colors that I am eyeing to add to my collection. Denim. And last but not least, the old school classic. Something that never left but seems to be climbing it’s way back up the ranks. Who would’ve known that JT and Britney Spears would have been ahead of their time with those denim on denim outfits all those years ago. This season I would keep an eye out for overalls, jean jackets, and denim dresses to be taking over. They are already on their way. So there you have it, the spring trends that I am fully on board with. I might not be able to rock them all, but I can fully appreciate someone that can! I would have to say that my favorite, besides the lipsticks, is the military theme. My military jacket is my go-to lately for any outfit. Which trend would you say is your favorite this spring?


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    I love the jean trend – I am all about dresses! and great flats and sneakers.

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