5 Photo Apps to Download Today

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Smartphones have changed the game when it comes to taking pictures.  You can snap a high quality picture any time, any place! We asked our bloggers what photo apps they can’t live without and these 5 apps topped their list! 5 photo apps to download today   Afterlight

1. Afterlight:  We’ve shared our love for Afterlight before, you can read more about it here. This photo editing app is a go-to for much of our team as well as many of our bloggers, including She’s Kinda Crafty, Let’s Eat Grandpa, Snap Creativity, Lauren McBride, The Samantha Show, and Nellie Bellie. {available for both iphone and android}

Rhonna Designs

2. Rhonna Designs and Rhonna Designs MagicJust A Beautiful Life, Pitter and Glink, and Songs Kate Sang all rave about these apps for photo editing/overlays/texts and more. These apps are kind of like a black hole, you will plan to quickly add an overlay or text to a photo and find yourself spending 20-30 minutes playing with all the cool features! {available for both iphone and android}


3. VSCO Cam: This app is easy to use, has a simple design and allows you to add filters, adjust exposure ans share your photos in VSCO grid. Raised by Culture, Lauren McBride, and  I Should be Mopping the Floor all love this app! {available for both iphone and android}

Pic Tap Go

4. PicTapGo:  This app does some pretty amazing tricks. You can layer filters over a photo and save them as a “custom recipe” for future use.  As you continue to use the app it learns what filters you like best and saves them so editing pictures becomes a snap! Snap Creativity, Meet the Sullivan’s, and Cinsarah all rave about this app!  {only available for iphone}

A Beautiful Mess

5. A Beautiful Mess: This is another fun app for adding overlays, text, and borders to your photos. This app was created by the talented gals of A Beautiful Mess, so the overlays and text are super fun and funky. Carrots for Michaelmas, Let’s Eat Grandpa, and Songs Kate Sang  all love to use the ABM app to add a bit of fun to their photos. {available for both iphone and android}

 What are your go-to photo apps?


  1. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables Reply

    I love VSCO Cam for sure! I also love Camera Awesome, simply for the timer feature!

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