5 Social Media Tips to Help Your Blog

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1. Schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts.  Take a few minutes each day to schedule your blog post on twitter.  I love hootsuite, I write a few tweets {or sometimes the same one and copy & paste} and schedule at various times during the day and a few times over the next week or so.  Facebook is a bit of beast with their algorithm changing constantly but you can ensure you post gets more views by scheduling through Facebook itself versus hootsuite. 

2. Don’t schedule your google+ posts.  While you can do this via hootsuite you should post directly to your google+ feed because then you can upload a picture instead of having only the small thumbnail.  This is a great way to make your posts standout because let’s face it, so many of us are visual and a great graphic or photo is going to catch out attention.

3. Attend twitter parties.  All of us pollinate gals LURVE a good twitter party.  This is a great way to meet other bloggers, gain twitter followers and build relationships with bloggers as well as the brands and companies hosting the twitter party.  {An extra piece of advice, if you are attending a twitter party for Sharpie, don’t use their hashtag to promote your other tweets or posts that do not pertain to their party or brand, that is a huge faux pas.}

4. Don’t just use social media to push out your blog posts, use it to engage with your followers.  Share bits of your day; ask your followers questions, get feedback from them.  Once you’ve built a relationship with your followers they will be much more likely to read your blog posts when you tweet/share them. 

5. Don’t over do it with the hashtags.  Don’t get us wrong, hashtags are a great way to tag your instagram photos, your tweets and your Facebook posts, but you should limit these to a handful of carefully selected hashtags.  If you are sharing a Christmas DIY blog post, go ahead and tag #Christmas and #DIY, but you don’t need to put a hashtag in front of every word, it makes the post incredibly hard to read.  And for the love of all things social media do not tag a post with irrelevant hashtags.  If your post isn’t about a DIY don’t use that hashtag in hopes that more people will see it.

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