5 Ways to Throw an Awesome Football Party #wingsandwipes

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As we usher in the Fall we also embrace FOOTBALL season. Here at home we root for Michigan {#goBlue} on Saturday and the Chargers on Sunday. For some it is Friday night lights at the local high school, or it is Saturday college football, and for others it is NFL on Sunday. I know many friends who spend their entire weekend watching football. For me football season means more than just 2 teams throwing around a ball, it is time when friends get together and cheer on their favorite team or get a bit rowdy when their BFF roots for the rival team! I have so many fun memories of tailgating and football parties at home with friends. My must have list of items for a football gathering are: tons of friends, hot wings, beer, chips & salsa and easy clean up!


If your go-to items are like mine you can head to Wal-Mart and pick up Tyson Any’Tizer bone-in Wings and Wet-Nap products and you’re halfway to a great tailgating party! Check out these amazing football parties our bloggers threw to kick off football season.  

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9e4d14ebe6851f6d567edcb7ed2addb4Football party hot wings bar


Game day party ideas


Buffalo and blue cheese cupcakes


Buffalo chicken dip

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