Restoring Core Health with Natalie Hodson + Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor

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Raise your hand if you’re working as hard as you can to get rid of the dreaded mommy-pooch with no results. What about laughing really hard at a joke and peeing a little on yourself? Mamas everywhere know the struggle is real with both of these issues. That is why we are so excited to introduce you to the Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor Program, written by personal trainer Natalie Hodson, a mama and fitness expert, and Dr. Monique Middlekauf who a specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction.

Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor is designed to help heal Diastasis Recti, (also a cause of that “mommy pooch” in the lower abdomen), as well as incontinence related to pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction. This 30 day program has lots of educational material to help you understand the causes of Diastasis Recti and how to heal it along with strengthen your pelvic floor. The best part is that the exercises require no equipment or gym time so you can literally do them anywhere! WIN!

For more information on this program, be sure to visit Natalie’s website! Here is how the program helped some of our bloggers start to heal their physical postpartum issues.

Abs, Core, & Pelvic Floor

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