Check out BJ’s Mobile App, Make Dinner Out Easy

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Dinner out? Relaxing. Dinner out with kids? Work. If you’re family is anything like ours, it’s almost more work to go out to eat than it is to stay home and cook. Yes, you read that right. I’d rather stay home and cook than go out to dinner with my children. 

But dare I say it? I’m actually excited to go out to eat with my kids thanks to BJ’s Restaurant brand new mobile app.  We can put our name on the wait list and order our meal… before even leaving home! Not to mention we can pay our bill whenever we are ready – no more trying to track down our server that disappeared after our fourth milk spill. (Do you blame her?) Get in and get out before anyone has a meltdown – totally my kind of meal!

Some bloggers in our community took this fantastic new app for a test drive resulting in happy parents and happy kids!

Make sure you check out the new BJ’s Mobile App.  It is available for both iPhone and Android. When you use it for either Dine In Order Ahead feature or the quick Mobile Pay feature, you will save $5 on your order of $20 or more! Who’s headed to BJ’s tonight?

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  1. Monica Reply

    I wish every restaurant had an app like that! It would make everything so much easier. Thanks for the great tips!

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