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Let’s do this thing shall we? What can we say, we dig planners! Chances are you do to, that’s why you have decided to pay us a little sweet visit to see what we think is the best planners out there for 2017! Planners are a vital part of our every day, they basically keep our heads on straight. Tell us where to go, when and with who. What to make for dinner, reminders to buy milk and eggs and when school is back in session(the most important date in your planner – are we right?!) Without our planners what would we be? We would be a hot mess, truth! So diving into our teams top planner picks and sharing why we love them.. away we go!
Erin Condren Life Planner
“I used EC for about 4 years before switching to Day Designer the past two years and now I’m back. I would seriously be lost without my planner! I love all the colors, stickers and light weight of the planner. It’s awesome because you get to customize your style and they have plenty of options. The cover also peels off so you can change it out!!” – Alissa
This is my 2nd year using an EC planner and I’m OBSESSED. I love the month and weekly views and the extra notes section. I like how you can pick your layout and design your own cover. I also love the colors, the thick pages that are easy to turn and don’t tear easily, the stickers, and the simple layout.” – Julie
The Simplified Planner
by Emily Ley
“I would be lost without my Emily Ley Simplified Planner (Daily Edition), hands down! I love that it offers a monthly spread along with day to day pages. It’s colorful, fun to use! Love the inspirational daily quotes, dinner spot and notes. It offers a weekly check list to get you prepped for the next week: plan meals for the week ahead, tidy up for a clean slate on Monday, write tasts/appts. for the week, fill your “tank.” Enjoy what matters most. My favorite thing about this planner is that it asks you every week to write “A happy memory from this week” – I love looking back on what made my weeks the best! This planner has helped me stayed on top of my game in all aspects of my life! From work, dinners, baseball practice, birthdays, anniversarys and trips… it is my one stop shop and has simplified my life immensely!” – Jen
“I’ve been a planner junkie for a while so I’m really excited to have finally found one that is functional, beautiful, and easy to carry around! I’ve tried them all and I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect one. The Emily Ley Simpliflied Planner (Weekly Edition) is perfect for me! It is a sturdy leather-bound calendar with a full month-at-a-glance and week-on-two-pages layouts. The weeks are divided into days, and there is a place for notes for the day and for making yourself a to-do list for the day which is exactly what I needed! I also love the simple layout and minimalist color design – not too busy but just enough to make it nice to look at! In addition to all of that, it is small, lightweight, and super easy to take everywhere with me so I’m never without my calendar!” – Skye
The Day Designer 
“I have used The Day Designer for years and I can’t imagine using anything else now! My favorite thing about this planner is that every day it has an hour by hour daily schedule along with a large section for to-do lists. It also features a section at the top of each day to write down the 3 things that you absolutely want to accomplish. Massive to-do lists can start to feel haunting and this helps keep the focus on the most important. Combine all of this with the additional spots for tonight’s dinner, daily gratitude, currently due, budget, etc and you’ve got yourself a darn organized day.” – Erin 
Sugar Paper Gold Weekly Pocket Planner
“I love how small this pocket planner is. I don’t like big planners. I carry around a seperate notebook for me to keep work notes, shopping lists, and other things I need to plan out. For me a good planner is small, with enough room to jot down the basics of the week and the month.” – Damaris
Happy Planner
“Say hello to the Happy Planner! The binding provides easy option to remove and add pages, lots of stickers, notes pages, add on packets for cooking, workout, event planning. Has stickers and lots of things to use to make it pretty and call attention to events. lots of tabs, cute designs, planning by the week, day or month. You can add different covers and dividers. Love the customizability.” – Summer
Day Designer by Blue Sky
(The Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for living a Well-Designed Life)
“I’ve had the hard cover Day Designer for the last two years and this year I bought the Target version (no longer available at Target, only through Blue Sky.) It has a soft cover which makes it much more portable. I also love the REALLY big pages (8″x10″) and the hourly format for meetings. Other favorite things are the To Do section with check boxes so you feel all accomplished, a notes section and a “gratitude” section where I can jot down memories and help me remember what I’m grateful for every day!” – Meg
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