How Sweet It Is

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It’s here, the sweet day of February 14th is approaching quick! For some reason, this holiday always seems to creep up on us. We always find that we are rushing to the store to grab those Valentine cards for the classroom parties or the last ingredient to make those heart cookies! So we have rounded up some quick last minute ideas for Valentines (so you can appear to have had your crap together) HA! All joking aside, we are all busy – and that’s when we use our handy bloggers ideas.. they come in just at the right time! Let’s get on with this sweet show shall we? Mad-Lib-Valentine-CandyWe fell in love with these printable cards when we saw the two words: Mad Lib. This is by far a childhood favorite and what a cute idea to create Valentine cards .. to print out for free – hello! Thank you Artsy-Fartsy Mama for saving us in the classroom party pass out your card department! owl boxTo pass out those Valentines, you need a cute box to drop them in! Have no fear.. take a Costco Fruit Snack box and create a Minon or Owl drop box in a flash! Simple As That Blog has all the easy details! Red-Velvet-Cookie-Cups-10Let’s talk about those sweets, that’s what is really important on Valentine’s Day! We were scrolling on Instagram one day and these stopped us dead in our tracks! Seriously.. drooling over here! Whitney Bond created red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting.. see they stopped you in your tracks as well right?! valentines-day-hoop-wreath-4830When this beauty shows up on your door for… for the love! Beyond simple to make with just the right pops of cute and rustic – we love this wreath that Lydi Out Loud created! So you should be covered if you have not started on the Valentine’s Day stuff yet. You can knock all these babies out above in one afternoon… so get to crafting, cutting and baking! Wishing you all a sweet day on Wednesday! -xoxo, Pollinate Media

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