Meet Linda from Burlap and Blue

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We’re back with our Where do You Blog series! Today we are get to see where Linda from Burlap and Blue makes all her creative blogging magic happen!

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Where do you blog? Blogging and crafting are both my hobby and my business, so I feel lucky to have a dedicated craft space where I can get inspired and create new content. It’s a small room, but because it’s all mine, I can use color and other fun elements in there that I wouldn’t normally use in other parts of our house. With a cup of coffee in my hand, I love shutting the door, putting on Pandora, and getting down to the business of blogging! craft room What inspires your blog posts? I recently redesigned my logo and created the tagline “living life creatively,” which is the touchstone for all my blog post ideas. I want to share content that leaves readers inspired and feeling the spark of creativity. Whether I’m sharing a DIY tutorial, home tour, recipe, or design trend, I want burlap+blue readers to leave my blog inspired to pick up their glue gun/wisk/paintbrush etc. and create! DSC_0006-4-copy When do you blog? With two young children, it’s hard for me to create and stick to a strict blogging schedule, so I tend to create posts mainly over weekend where I can sit down and create several at once. Naptime is also a favorite blogging time for me, as is the time when my 4-year-old is in preschool. I post 3-5 posts/week, and try to have them done several days in advance to give myself a little flexibility. What do you do when you get writer’s block? To overcome writer’s block, the best advice I’ve ever gotten is to “take a break.” It’s hard to resist the urge to push through and refuse to leave the computer until the post is done, but a quick walk around the block, glass of water, or even just a stretch can be enough to get the words flowing again. 3 tips with our readers on how you keep your content fresh. To keep content fresh, always remember to… 1) stay true to your voice and your audience –if the post doesn’t “feel” right for your blog, it probably isn’t 2) create content that aligns with your passions and that you enjoy creating 3) try something new–whether it’s a new feature, a vlog, or an inventive way of sharing your latest DIY, think outside the box to engage your readership in new ways

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