Guilt-Free Snacking with Sejoyia Coco-Roons Superfood Cookies

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When it comes to eating healthy, snacking seems to be an easy place to get off track. Finding convenient snacks that are healthy, clean, and delicious can be a challenge! That is why we are so excited about Sejoyia Coco-Roons! These superfood cookies are vegan, paleo friendly, non-GMO, gluten free, and yummy! Which makes them the perfect guilt-free snack to keep in your arsenal when you’re getting your eating on track!

You can find these at Walmart in the gluten free aisle. Plus – take advantage of the $.075 ibotta offer when you purchase 1 Sejoyia Coco-Roons at Walmart, while supplies last! Also, get an additional $.50 for redeeming the rebate on 3 different shopping trips!

Check out how our bloggers incorporated these snacks into their daily routine!

Sejoyia Coco-Roons Superfood Cookies

Sejoyia CocoRoons The Mom Friend uses them to make her mornings less hectic – and we can all use these tips! Sejoyia CocoRoons How amazing does this Coco-Roons Cookie Parfait from Happy and Harried look? Sejoyia CocoRoons If you’re just getting started, Gina Michele is sharing five easy ways to start eating clean. Sejoyia CocoRoons Casa de Crews put together this delish Brownie Trifle with Coco-Roons! Sejoyia CocoRoons Nessa’s World keeps Sejoyia Coco-Roons in her pantry so she always has a healthy snack. Sejoyia CocoRoons If you’re looking for ways to save time in the morning, check out how Life a Little Brighter uses these five tips to make it happen. Sejoyia Coco-Roons come in several yummy flavors, including Lemon Pie and Brownie! Which one are you going to pick up on your next grocery store run? Guilt Free Snacking with Sejoyia Coco-Roons Superfood Cookes #ad #pMedia #CocoRoonsatWalmart

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