Stay Hydrated with Brita

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Hi friends! Does your family have a Summer bucket list? I’m happy to report we have already started crossing quite a few things off of ours! Pool time with cousins, a visit to the splash pad, buying Big Sticks from the ice cream truck, and a fun roadtrip coming up just to name a few.

Even though there’s plenty of lazy Summer days, we like to keep pretty busy. Insert Brita Filtering Water Bottles. They allow us to take clean and fresh water wherever we go! They are so convenient and are a great way to keep our family hydrated and healthy, especially during the hot Summer months. You can find these awesome bottles at Walmart in the hardware section.

Check out our Blogger’s post for tips on bringing water as part of staying healthy on the go, making sure you stay hydrated even if you’re “stuck” working at a desk, and for some yummy water infused recipes.

What’s on your Summer Bucket list? It’s never too late to start one!

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