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Everyone keeps talking about enjoying these “lazy days of summer”, and I can’t help but laugh out loud. Since summer began we’ve been going non-stop. This time of year for us seems so busy, because it is busy. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a blessed kind of busy. Between family vacations, friends and family coming to visit from all over the world and not to mention keeping the kiddos who are normally in school occupied 24/7 our days are anything but lazy. So when someone asks when the last time I had some well deserved “me time” was, again I’d probably laugh out loud.

Just like anything that’s important to us though, we must make time for it. Re-charging and resting our minds and bodies from the normal everyday “stuff” is so important, and in the end everyone wins! Be sure you’re making time for yourself this summer, whether it’s a jam packed one like ours or your spending everyday poolside, “me time” will leave you feeling refreshed.

For some great summer “me time” occasion/inspiration check out our bloggers posts above. There’s some great tips for a fun Mom Stay-cation, a post for our fellow girl-bosses on why “me time” is so important and yummy drink recipes you can make and enjoy all by your lonesome! If you’re really lucky you can even enjoy your “me time” in silence, because as a fellow mom I believe sometimes just being in the silence really is golden.

What would be your ideal “me time” scenario?

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  1. Amy Latta Reply

    Thank you so much for featuring my post! That drink was so yummy and I love the magazines!

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