Thankful Turkey Craft + Free Printable

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Today our Innovation Strategist & Project Manager, Summer is sharing a Thanksgiving craft that is perfect to help talk to your kids about being thankful!

Thankful Turkey Printable via

Hey Everyone! I’m so excited to get to share a little family activity that I recently did with our little ones. As a parent, it’s really important to me that my children realize just how blessed they are and to teach them to be thankful for those many blessings. With Christmas right around the corner, this is the perfect time to prep them for all the gifts they are about to receive from various family members. A great way to do that is to talk about the simple, but wonderful things in life that we need to give thanks for. I created this printable for family night and the kids just loved it!

Thankful Turkey Printableright click on photo and select save as to download

I prepared by printing one of these out for each child. There are 2 on an 8×10 sheet. Then I cut feathers out using colored construction paper. Each child wrote (or at least told me and I wrote) down what they were thankful for on each feather and then they glued them on to the turkey. When they were finished they got to color in the rest of the turkey. We have them posted on our Art Display Boards and it gives us an opportunity to bring up the topic of thankfulness almost daily when they see their turkey. With children, repetition is key to mastering a concept so the more you can work the topic into your daily activities the quicker they will grasp it.

We always finish family night off with a yummy treat so I whipped up a batch of these amazing Fall Sugar Cookie Bars.

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookie Bars

Don’t they look so festive?! I love these turkey sprinkles that I snagged from the $1 section at Target. That place gets me Every. Single. Time! I’d love it if you stopped by my blog Elevate Everyday and check out some of the other fun crafts, recipes and style posts Jen and I share! So how do you help your children learn about what Thanksgiving is all about?

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