Style and Substance.


We pride ourselves on being the best advocate possible for your brand. In fact, we love being discerning about our clients, our bloggers, and our content. We focus on curating the best bloggers – and it shows. We’re about quality over quantity as a meaningless impression is far less lasting than true engagement and authentic storytelling.

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Our Reach

We don’t measure our network by size or swagger, but by authentic influence. Comprised of cultural mavens, social bloggers, impassioned moms and tech’s movers and shakers, our curated network reaches all facets of modern living with the warmth and authenticity of a trusted friend sharing a moment around the kitchen table. During each campaign, we monitor and report key performance indicators to ensure we’re driving relevant action.

Metrics and Measurement are as  important as good content

Our Colony


Team up with the most powerful media vehicle on planet Earth: passionate people. Their targeted zeal for brands’ products and promotions multiplies the power of each of our social media campaigns. The reason our social influencer community has greater reach and impact rests on our rigorous screening process of each prospective member. We take pride in not only our ability to effectively launch and execute each campaign, but also the abilities of the bloggers in our network to effectively call their readers to action.



“Working with Pollinate Media is one of the best decisions I have made for my blog– the organized campaigns + the professional brands make my job as a blogger fun, simple, and rewarding!” – Living In Yellow

“Pollinate brings in great brands and then gives me the freedom to bring in my own unique perspective for presenting that brand to my readers in a format that fits my niche.” – Meaningful Mama

“I love working with Pollinate because the campaigns they offer and companies they work with are a perfect match to the feel and voice of my blog!” – Tried and True