Our Platform


We don’t sell, we problem solve. Let our community of influencers or our Swarm Social Hub propel your brand in ways you never thought possible. Let us help you guide your brand into the leading brand in it’s category.

Analytics and Accountability

Unlike traditional forms of media, we can track the impact.

Social Intelligence


We’ve created a science to what we do for our clients and developed our own social intelligence platform which allows us to measure, track, monitor and comply with FTC guidelines all in one place in addition to all social engagement. There is much more to how bloggers should be chosen other than by blog and social media numbers. We have a 20 point metric system when curating/vetting bloggers into the community.

Let your made media take you further.

We offer custom add-ons to take your campaign beyond your expectations.


A social aggregation tool is the Swiss Army Knife of Made Media. We’ve built the next-generation of content aggregator that gathers from 10 social properties for easy use and distribution over your channels. Collect crowd sourced media from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog RSS, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine and Tumblr via our Swarm Social Hub through a specific page, handle, hashtag and/or tagged location. Approve or decline content then fill up your que to share content on your website, mircosite, or social media properties. You can use the Swarm Social Hub in real time at retail locations and events too. Like we said, Swiss Army Knife.


Looking to target male, military and multi-cultural focused content creators? We’ve got the perfect solution for your needs through our sister company Weave Made Media.



We believe that a microsite is a powerful way to amplify your marketing campaign. It establishes value and gives your brand it’s own unique space to for consumers to interact with your campaign or product. Rather than driving your customers from landing page to landing page, we can create a microsite that houses all your campaign goals in one space online. Partner with us and allow us to help you create a place for your brand campaign to live online.