4 Must Have Apps for Small Business Owners & Bloggers

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Running a blog, a small business, a large business, a website, an etsy shop, running anything requires lots of organization. Today we’re sharing 4 apps/tools that will help you stay organized and help keep your business running smoothly.

4 Must Have Apps for Small Business Owners & Bloggersphoto credit

Trello: Trello is great if you have a team but also works well if you you are a one woman show too.  You can add photos, notes, text etc to Trello on your phone or computer and then access from any device. This is especially great if you do have a team. You can upload photos to use etc and then anyone you’ve shared the board with can access them and download the images and copy the text. Trello also works for both apple and android products, so everyone can access the info! You can also create checklists, add due dates, and so much more! You can learn more about Trello here.

Fotogramme: This is only available in iTunes, but still so worth the shout out.  If you manage multiple IG accounts this app lets you plug them all in and then you can toggle back and forth between accounts to comment on photos, follow people etc. You can’t actually post from the app, but this saves you from having to log out of one account and log into another just to comment on photos etc.  Learn more here.

ScheduGram: Our team uses this app and it is a life saver! We have a few people who post to our instagram account and this saves us from having to send tons of texts or emails about when we are posting, plus we no longer worry about double posting.  It does cost a few dollars per month, but we think it is worth every penny. Schedugram features web uploading, scheduling, and supports multiple accounts. This is especially helpful if you want to post at peak hours for your audience but can’t always post in live time. Plus if you need to make sure you don’t forget to share a photo for a campaign or brand you are working with schedugram is your ticket!

Dropbox: This one might seem a bit obvious but having the app on your phone is a LIFESAVER. I have it set up to automatically download all my photos I take to dropbox and 1. I don’t worry about loosing them if I loose my phone or it crashes and 2. I can then open my computer and all my phone photos are accessible on my hard drive! Also helpful for sharing photos with others and having access to all of your files anywhere you go.


  1. Skye Reply

    OH yes schedugr.am is a lifesaver for me. I’m headed to check out Fotogramme right now!

  2. marissa | rae gun ramblings Reply

    Oh nice, I don’t have any of these yet and they sound great!

  3. Jeff Hauser Reply

    Don’t forget a tool like “Square” it is a wonderfully simple sales tool.

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