Alissa’s Goals for 2014

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Happy 2014 Friends! 

While the New Year started last week we knew most people would be really getting back into the grind today, Monday the 6th! Wow, we’re into our second week of January already, crazy town! 

Have you made an goals or resolutions for yourself? Have you declared 2014 to be the year you conquer something crazy? Or maybe your goals are to simplify and clear our the clutter in your life, either way we thing the new year is a great time to start! 

Over the next week our team is going to be sharing some goals/resolutions/dreams they have for 2014. 

First up we have our fearless leader, Alissa! 

Check out her goals for 2014. 

Here’s some goals I have:
1. Put yourself out there in a new way
2. Reach out and make a new friendship
3. Be open to unexpected and sometimes scary new opportunities
4. Work on problem solving vs. freaking out (guilty as charged)
5. Learn to be in the moment more
Last month Alissa wrote this amazing post about the first time the whole pollinate team got to hang out together.  
You can also check out the word Alissa chose for 2014. Do you have a word for 2014? 

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  1. Kassi @ Truly Lovely Reply

    Making a new friend is a great goal to have for the new year!!! I don’t ever choose a word of the year, because I feel like I have several I should/could be working on… But kudos to Alissa and hers!!!

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