How to create an interest list on Facebook

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Did you know you can create interest lists on Facebook? What is an interest list? I like to explain it as a way to organize all of the biz and blog Facebook pages you like so you’ll ever miss any of the content they share. how to create interest lists on facebook This is a great way for you to organize all the pages that you like and it is also a great tip to share with your readers. Why share with you readers? So they can create interest lists of their own, add your blog and never miss any of the awesome content you share on Facebook. Below is an easy, step by step tutorial of how to create an interest list. These 5 easy steps make organizing your Facebook account a breeze! 1. On your menu bar on the left side of your Facebook home page scroll down until you see the “INTERESTS” section. Click on the word interest.
how to create fb list 1   2. Click on the “+ Add Interests” button.   how to create fb list 2   3. Click on “+ Create List” button. {Here you can see other lists your friends have made. You can also subscribe to these lists.}    

how to create FB list 3

4. You will now see all the pages you have liked. Decide what you want this list to be and click on all the appropriate Pages. I made a home decor list.

You could make a general all bloggers list, or break them up into fashion bloggers, DIY bloggers, etc. You could make a list for all the retail stores you like, restaurants, etc.

create FB lists 4

5. Once you’ve added all the pages you want to your current list you give it a name, decide who you want to see the list, and click done.

how to make a fb list 5

Tada! Now I will never miss a post by all my home decor bloggers.

how to make FB lists 6

You can also add a page to one of your lists after you “Like” the page. Once you’ve liked their page you hit the little carrot on the “Liked” button. A drop down menu will appear and you can click “Add to Interest Lists…”.

how to make fb list 7

Another drop down menu will appear with all of your current lists. You click on the correct list and bam, it’s added to that list!

how to make fb list 8

Again, this is such a great way to organize all the pages you like and never miss a post!

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