Mandy’s Goals for 2013

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Today we have Mandy, one of our Community Managers sharing her goals for 2013.


When I was asked what my goals for 2013 were, I was kind of stumped. You see 2012 has been an EPIC year for me. I have been pushed, stretched and have grown in ways that I never thought possible. Knowing that I made so many changes, it is hard to plan for the future. Looking ahead to 2013 the only thing I truly know is that I am excited.
{EXACTLY who I became in 2012} Being the Type A, somewhat control freak that I am, I LIKE having goals. While I have learned that my plans are not always the best {clearly the Lord’s plan always prevails} I still enjoy setting a goal, then CRUSHING it. I am going to break this down in three parts: Professional, Personal and the Blog  PROFESSIONAL This past year I made the decision to put myself first and not look back on the successful career that I built for myself, then gave up.  In 2013…
  • I want to find myself in a position that I am truly passionate about
  • I want to find the perfect balance of living life and working for a living
  • I would LOVE to find a job that allows a lot of freedom, creativity and possibly working out of my home
I truly found the most growth in this area in 2012. I have been changed and challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. I am a completely different person than I used to be. It was a TON of hard work. I became a work out fanatic and realized that journey is ALL mental. It was heart wrenching to face some demons that I needed to get rid of. I found myself changing, growing and even ending important relationships in my life.
In 2013…
  • I want to lose the last 20 pounds that I wasn’t able to lose in 2012
  • Continue with my healthy eating, Gluten Free, 4 days a week fitness regimen lifestyle
  •  Not be so afraid to really, truly fall in love and know who/what I have while it is right in front of me
  • Attend as many Country concerts as I possibly can
  • Finish decorating my home; meaning BUY furniture and pieces for my “grown up” condo
  • Continue to surround myself with only the best people. People that love, support and lift me up on a daily basis
  • Save a good chunk of money
  • Never saying NO to anything that will make me happy
BLOGI have been blogging for almost five years. I have seen the growth and all of the changes that the blogging world has undergone. Some of these changes are incredible while others make me cringe. I blog as an outlet, I use it as a journal, I do it for me. I have never taken the step into making my blog a business. I have gone back and forth for years on whether to do so. I have never had advertisers or sponsors. I hate HAVING to blog about something. I am not much of a rule follower. I am afraid of losing my creativity. I don’t want every post to be sponsored or care of. This past year I branched out slightly starting my Fashionista Fitness series and I dabbled with the Flirty Thirty series. Both series allowed me to write, share and reach a larger audience. It was SO fulfilling! I LOVE feeling like my little space of the Internet is helping at least one person. In 2013…
  • I want to work on reaching more women through my writing
  • I plan to buy a better/nicer/professional camera
  • Sharing better quality photos 
  • Work on my poses and NOT being scared to branch out on where I take outfit pics of myself
  • Getting over feeling like a “narcissist” by always taking pics of myself and promoting the blog
  • Actually promote my blog in a more “business-like” way
  • Use the URL I bought in early 2012, along with the email/Twitter/Instagram I set up that will streamline my branding
  • Be better at interacting with my readers on a more consistent basis
Clearly, once I sat down to write my goals, they came in abundance. I think that this is a great start. I know that 2013 will be just as great, if not greater, than 2012. I fully believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to!Thanks for your encouragement and support as I set out on making 2013 my best year yet!


  1. Alyson @Vintage Sunshine Reply

    Wow! What a difference a year makes, right? I think that you’ve got some great goals and they’re all goals that you can accomplish! I can’t wait to follow along on your blog. Happy New Year!

  2. Jennifer S. Reply

    This is definitely inspiring me to sit down and put my goals on paper. I’ve been making a s little mental list for the past couple days, but I really need to sit down and make it “real”

    Thanks for the push and good luck achieving your goals in 2013 (2013… thats weird to write! LOL)

  3. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Reply

    Loved reading through all of this…congrats on your weight loss! I love what you wrote as goals regarding pictures of yourself because I think a lot of us have to get over feeling narcissistic/silly having pictures taken of yourself. But as a photographer, that is something I try to keep saying to others on my blog to BE. IN. PICTURES! You will thank yourself later, and so will your children. But even though I promote that, I still feel silly…but I do it!

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