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Today we are excited to feature Bonnie & Trish from Uncommon Designs. They were part of our Child to Cherish campaign and we just love how they showcased the Tower of Time baby keepsake gift.
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to review this precious  Handprint Tower of Time from A Child to Cherish.  
Isn’t it so sweet?
When the package arrived the girls were so excited for me to open it to see what was inside.  They immediately thought it was for them, but I quickly told them that this was for baby Jacob.  Jacob is my cousin’s third child and he was born a few weeks ago.  He is probably the last baby for our extended family until the next generation starts having babies. 
Suddenly I feel so old! 
Little La La, being the curious little one that she is, wanted to open it up to see what was inside the tins.  I’m thinking she thought it was going to be chocolate and she could sneak a piece.  A new baby wouldn’t need chocolate, right?!
No chocolate in these sweet baby blue tins!  There are five tins and each tin represents one year in your child’s life.  It comes with all you need to make an impression of your child’s  hand print  for their first five years of life. 
 Where were these when my babies were born?
Anytime the subject of babies comes up, my sweet Ann wants to know all about when she was tiny {I still breathe a sigh of relief when she accepts that God put a baby in my tummy so I could be pregnant}!  Now, when I say all about when she was born…. I mean all about it.  She needs to know who was there, what they said when they saw her, how big she was, what the doctor ate for lunch that day… kidding, of course, but you get my drift!  I just wish I had something like this for her to see how much she has grown!  
It goes by so fast! 
After my Dad died last February and my grandparents in the last three years, our family needed life!  Baby Jacob was such a special gift to all of us and I know that my cousin will love having such a precious gift like the Tower of Time.  
If you are interested in purchasing a Tower of Time, you can find it on Amazon!  They have so many other cute products, as well!   You can also find the Child to Cherish Company on Facebook and Twitter.  
Now to get cracking on some bibs and burps to send along with it!  
Bonnie and Trish are the ladies behind the popular craft blog, Uncommon Designs.  They are sister-in-laws from South Carolina who  share a passion for all things crafty.  Be sure to visit Uncommon Designs to see all of their fun seasonal projects,  party ideas, and simple tutorials to help you create the extraordinary in your everyday life.
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