Toddler Styling Tips for Family Photos

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Tis the season for the last minute family portrait scramble. Now is the time to get organized so that you don’t miss out on all the great Christmas card sales happening. Who wants to pay rush shipping on those suckers?! Not us! Summer, our Innovation Strategist & Project Manager put together some tips for styling your little ones for portraits. We hop this makes the task of selecting wTohat to wear a little easier.

Styling Tips for Toddler Portraits

First things First…let’s talk color!

Kid Style What to Wear To Headshots

Scarf: Lil Cupcake | Clothes: Target | Moccs: Freshly Picked | Beanie: H&M

Bright, deep colors look great against fair skin. This purple makes Kennie’s coloring pop and the scarf adds some texture and interest to the tight cropped shots. You also might think about what colors are in style for the season. Check out what palette your local children’s clothing stores are displaying!

Up next: Layers and Patterns

Kid Style Headshot Outfit Inspiration

Bow: Bloomies Handmade | Top & Sweater: Old Navy | Jeggings: Target | Moccs: Freshly Picked

Like I mentioned above, layers give texture and interest to your photos, but don’t go overboard. Maybe leave the down jacket and snow boots in the mud room. Patterns can look awesome as long as they are in the right place. This floral pattern is great in a jegging and doesn’t distract from her cute little face. I kept it simple up top to help her face be the focal point of the shot.

Let’s talk backgrounds.

What To Wear For Childrens Headshots

Glitter Bow: Bloomies Handmade | Top & Skirt: Target | Tights & Ballet Flats: Old Navy

We lucked out and found this gorgeous blue garage door that picked up on the pattern in her skirt. Try not to be super matchy matchy with your background. Finding a complimentary color to your outfit or picking up on a recessive color in the outfit make for a beautifully colored photo.

Last, let’s cover accessories.

Kid Photo Oufit Inspiration

Flower Clip: Bloomies Handmade | Dress & Fur Vest: Target | Beanie: H&M

What would a beautiful cake be without a little frosting? I added this fur vest and knit beanie to Kennie’s purple dress to make it look more complete. And even though there is no gold in her dress, the gold shoes do compliment the colors in her outfit. As you can see in some of the other photos adding a bow in a recessive color from her outfit also help to make the overall outfit look polished.

Now run out and get to snapping so pictures of your adorable families so you can show them off to all your family and friends this Christmas! But before that, hop over to Elevate Everyday to check out all the fun Holiday we have going on over there.

P.S. If you are looking for tips on taking family photos check out this post by our rockstar community manager, Jennifer.

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